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READI Collect

Post-accident on-site / road side drug and alcohol testing

The annual subscription fee for each driver includes:

• 24/7 Access to collector network

• National Coverage

• Company Portal

• Patented READI Network APP

• 24/7 Customer Service

• Detailed Reports

• Audit Assistance

READI Response

Post-accident on-site / road side drug and alcohol testing

The annual subscription fee for each driver includes:

• Highly trained investigators

• National Coverage

• Geo net capture of accident data

• Company Portal

• Patented READI Network APP

• 24/7 Customer Service

• Detailed Reports

Onsite Investigation

At the scene, our professional investigators take photos and gather data in a special application to create a comprehensive report that is sent to the client company.

READI Response Headquarters

Trained Professionals at the READI-Response Center, also begin researching for additional information and witnesses.

READI Response Technology

Using patent-pending technology, The READI-Response Team, searches a Geo-Fenced area, for pictures, social media posts, tweets, photos and videos related to the incident.

This information is documented and relayed to the READI-Response investigator responding to accident/incident location.

Witnesses Win Cases

We locate your witnesses using 21st Century Technological Solutions.

Locate witnesses and hidden information through internet research and social media

Locate Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts...tweets, pictures, videos...of people who may have witnessed your incident

Obtain meta-data from posted pictures from various media platforms, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare and other picture platforms. This may allow us to identify the time, date, GPS location and critical pictures of the scene and who took them.

Deep Web research on the internet to locate and ID witnesses and current location of witnesses.

National Coverage

With a network of over 3,000 collectors across the country we will have a professional to you in record time. Our goal is to reach you within the required DOT time limits.

Company Portal

Every subscriber to the READI Network will have access to their own company portal. Here you can see current collection events, events scheduled in the future and a number of reports geared to meet the requirements of the DOT.

Patented READI Network APP

The READI Network is based on patented application that is based on Geo Net technology that connects you to a nationwide network of professionals in seconds.

24/7 Customer Service

Since business these days works around the clock so do we. You have access to our customer service, dispatch, and our nationwide network of professional 24/7 365 days a year.

Detailed Reports

From your customer portal you can see reports for every event with details like; precise location and time stamps of event initiation and every step of interaction along the way to completion. Depending on the type of event you may see scene photos, witness accounts, weather, and road conditions and many more all presented in a clear and concise format.

Audit Assistance

If any event is audited by a DOT agent or an insurance or law enforcement agent, we are here to help provide you with exact reporting and as needed expert witness support up to and including in court witness.

READI Collect’s patented, post-accident onsite drug and alcohol testing app is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the drug and alcohol testing process for companies required to be in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. This innovative app offers unprecedented collector response time, and real-time reporting, making it easier than ever for employers to conduct post-accident testing within the DOT regulation timelines. The advantages of using READI Collect include reducing the time spent determining IF your driver requires testing, no late-night scrambling to find a mobile drug test collector, real time status reports and detailed geo fenced tracking enhancing your overall safety score. Customers with NON-DOT regulated employees benefit from the convenience of conducting tests onsite immediately after an accident, eliminating the need for employees to travel to a testing facility. With its user-friendly interface and advanced, patented, technology, READI Collect empowers businesses to maintain compliance with DOT regulations while prioritizing employee safety and well-being.

For random drug and alcohol testing services and all required Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance services go to Labworks USA

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